Özge Kavas

IT Business Consultant

Summer + Beach + Beer = Happy Me!

As a person who grow up in a beach house and barely saw minus temperature degrees in her life, no doubt about her happiness formula, right? Özge spent majority of her life in Turkey, then in Belgium for some time and in 2019, she decided to settle in Germany. Despite its relatively cold climate, she thinks that living in Berlin is one of the best decisions ever she made because Berlin is a symbol of freedom - and that’s exactly what she has an urge for. Also, she likes to travel, to discover new places and people, to ride her bike in the forest, to paint and - last but not least - to drink beer. Cheers, Prost, Şerefe!

Richtig gut in

  • Atlassian License Management
  • Atlassian & Business Consulting
  • Agile Project Management
  • Digital Workplace

Zertifiziert in

Atlassian Accredited Sales Professional
Atlassian Technical Sales Professional
Atlassian Marketing Professional