Nick Dammasch

Werkstudent Atlassian

I'm Batman.

Nick was born and raised in the best city, which of course is Berlin, Germany. Early in his childhood he loved inventing new gadgets and consequently it was his dream to become an inventor (if becoming Batman did not work out). To this day he still likes to explore new technologies and their impact on the world. It is therefore not a surprise that he is obtaining a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technical University of Berlin. Even though his heart forever belongs to Berlin (Steglitz!), he is yearning for adventures abroad. That’s why he spend one semester in Paris hunting down the origins of the croissant and baguette. Maybe one day he will know all the secrets of the culinary world. Or not.

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  • Atlassian License Management
  • Project Management
  • Project Controlling
  • Innovation

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Atlassian Accredited Sales Professional

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