Atlassian Remote Summit 2020 - Recap Day 1

Review of the first day of the Atlassian Remote Summit 2020, with keynotes, breakout sessions and virtual booths.

When we first heard news that this years Atlassian Summit in Las Vegas was cancelled, the widespread outbreak of the novel coronavirus and its implications were still new to many. We had been busy planning our show attendance and booth layout. Learning that Summit would be converted to an all-online virtual experience shortly afterwards raised our spirits.

Yesterday was the first day of Atlassian Remote Summit 2020, with keynotes, breakout sessions and virtual booths: we sat down and listened to keynote, attended breakout sessions, visited the booths and spoke to product teams. We took part in the scavenger hunt (beat me on #5). Obviously it’s not the same and in no way near the quality of being on site at the booth, chatting and laughing in a packed expo center for three days, but I was more than surprised by what Atlassian has been capable of in such a short time. We’ll save the physical high fives for Atlassian Summit 2021 taking place at the Venetian in Las Vegas from April 20th to April 22 next year.

Converting an event planned by hundreds of people throughout 2019 and early 2020 to an all online event with four times as many attendees in only a few weeks: chapeau! Most of the key sponsors contributed by setting up all sorts of virtual booth huddles. We are happy to be part of such a great ecosystem and seeing the agile principles applied so well.

We hope to get a “behind the scenes” from the organization team at No Cabin Fever Today later this month.

If you want to experience this first hand, head over to Atlassian and join in for day two, starting today 2nd of April at 17:30 CEST.

In other news: Atlassian has once again reinforced its commitment to Cloud. We will hear about a new Cloud Enterprise plan in detail tomorrow (more users, centralized billing, enterprise sandbox). The acquisition of CodeBarrel’s automation engine has led automation to become a core feature of Jira Cloud. Atlassian’s Maren Hotvedt is busting 10 myth about Atlassian’s native cloud offering in one of the many breakout sessions.

Atlassian also lowered the entry barrier to its native cloud offering both technically and commercially - having all products free for up to 10 users and Trello Business Class free for educators is just the icing on the cake. For existing customers the Cloud Migration Assistants have vastly improved, paid Server maintenance will be credited towards cloud licenses, extended trials and weekend migration support helps in closing the gaps for many still hesitating to migrate to Atlassian Cloud.

That’s all for today!

P.S. I am not sharing the secret password

Image by Atlassian