Atlassian Enterprise Cloud has landed: What's in it for you?

Atlassian launched the Enterprise Cloud. kreuzwerker is one of the first Enterprise Cloud Ready Partner globally.

At its first ever remote Summit, Atlassian announced the launch of an additional cloud plan: Enterprise. Enterprise Cloud comes with all the features of the existing Standard and Premium plans, and adds additional features specifically tailored for enterprise use of Atlassian tools. Right now Enterprise is accessible through an early access program.

Cloudplans - Atlassian Enterprise Cloud

Cloud Enterprise will add unprecedented features to Atlassian’s native Cloud offering for Jira, Jira Service Desk and Confluence by adding: Centralised user Billing, Unlimited horizontal Scale, Enterprise Sandbox, Release Tracks, Full Data Residency Control, 99.95% financially backed SLAs, and Dedicated Support.

Centralised User Billing & Unlimited Instances

When talking to current Cloud customers you often hear about a lack of visibility of usage and licensing in multi instance setups. Centralised user management that has solved this issues, providing a central dashboard to manage all subscriptions in one central UI. Having access to unlimited instances is additionally neat, as you can easily slice and dice instances as needed without loosing oversight.

Centralized Management - Atlassian Enterprise Cloud

Enteprise Sandbox

Sandbox access (as in having non-production test/dev/stage instances) is something customers have been looking forward to for a long time. In traditional on-premise Server or DataCenter installations, you could easily have multiple non production environments to test upgrades, prepare and validate changes, develop customisations or simply try out different apps.

Sandbox access is exactly that. It allows you to spin up a (partial) clone of your production environment in order to prepare changes, and try out things prior to rolling them out on your production instance.

Sandbox - Atlassian Enterprise Cloud

Release Tracks

One of the major benefits of any SaaS offering is that you do not have take care of the patching and upgrading your environment yourself, and can sleep safe knowing your SaaS will handle this for you. Unfortunately, this also means, that you can not interfere if any of these patches or upgrades affect functionality, UI / UX - which you might require some lead time to train and enable you teams prior to the roll out.

Release Tracks allows you to control when you and your users will get product changes or new features. You can check out changes in the sandbox and prepare a change on production, internal communication and enablement prior to having the changed applied to your production instances.

Release-Tracks - Atlassian Enterprise Cloud

Full Data Residency Control

Ever since the inception of GDPR, customers of different company sizes have asked for control over their own data and where their data is stored. With the existing cloud plans your data is stored where the majority of your users are. This works well if you mainly operate out of a certain region. Enterprises with offices around the worldl require more fine grained control over where their data is stored.

Atlassian Cloud Enterprise offers you specific controls over where your data (Jira Issues, Confluence Pages, Attachments) is controlled on an instance level.

Data-Residency - Atlassian Enterprise Cloud

Atlassian Access

Last but not least, Cloud Enterprise includes Atlassian Access, which provides you with enterprise-grade security and centralised administration across all your Atlassian cloud products. Atlassian Access not only functions as a central broker and administration center for all your users, but will also enable you to perform advanced remediation for data loss prevention, activity monitoring, anomaly detection, and more. With Access enterprise, users are able to enforce and audit their security policies across all products and ensure compliance centrally.

99.95% financially backed SLAs, Dedicated Support

Atlassian tools have become integral - if not mission critical - applications for many applications. With the move to Cloud Enterprise you can rest assured, that you get the performance and reliability you need with a 99.95% financially backed SLA and dedicated migration, launch and product support.


It’s really great to see that the majority of issues that prevent enterprise customers from moving to the Atlassian Cloud have been addressed and solved. We are really happy to see that the feedback our customers shared has been incorporated so well with Enterprise Cloud features. If you want to see how Enterprise Cloud can bring value to you and your team, please feel free to get in touch with us - we are one of the first Cloud Enterprise ready partners globally.

Image source: Atlassian