Writing Great User Stories 26.05.


26.05.2021 | 09:00

Über das Training

This is a half day training, starting at 9am, ending 1pm.

Max. 10 participants.

Costs: 599,- Euro, Early Bird Booking (two weeks before): 549,- Euro.

User stories are indeed your journey toward product vision. They became popular and widely used for a certain reason, namely to communicate user needs captured in product functionality. They are also frequently misused to describe all product functionality. Everything becomes user story, even if no user is involved. Learn to gain the maximum value out of a well-written user story, namely a link to the product vision, boarders of the user story, and a foundation for the conversation with the team. 

"Be fixed on the vision, but flexible on the journey."

- Jeff Bezos

In this training you will learn: 

- what is a user story? Why it is useful? Why do successful teams use this method?

- what is a good user story? What questions does it answer?

- how to write a good user story - concise, estimable, achievable, relevant - all of it in just couple of sentences - using the INVEST principle

- work with acceptance criteria, or how do I know that a user story will be accepted?

- the Iceberg Principle and how to slice bigger topics into user stories

- ultimately, that it's all about communication, and learn how to bring out the best conversation in the team with a user story 

- troubleshooting user stories - what are common pitfalls and mistakes around user stories

- what else can you use to capture user needs or system requirements: epics, technical stories, tasks.

Our approach to training

“We remember 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, and 90% of what we do.” Edgar Dale 

Making this the basis of our philosophy, this training will be hands-on and full of practical exercises & examples, teamwork and discussions. 

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- Introduction and get to know each other

- Discussion on favourite user stories brought by participants and trainer

- How user story is servicing a good conversation around user problem 

- Criteria of a good user story and INVEST principle 

- Enhancing user story with acceptance criteria 

- Slicing bigger initiatives into user stories 

- Troubleshooting user stories

- What else can be used to capture requirements

- Questions & Answers


This course is designed for all tech and non-tech people who wants to learn good user centered way to communicate requirement with development teams. Agile teams or teams on their way to agility, agile developers, project managers, product owners, marketing managers, agile coaches, scrum masters.


1 - Introductory

Prior knowledge

none, but there will be a little task upfront.

Technical Requirements

  • Stable Internet connection

  • Zoom 

  • Headphones and Microphone 

  • Webcam 

  • Miro Login (invitation will be sent in advance)


Half day course: 4 hour session with practical examples.

Cover Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash


Leokadija Sviridova

Agile Coach