Feedback Culture In Agile Companies: Everyone Wins 28.05.


28.05.2021 | 09:00

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Anyone who wants to improve social skills in order to profit from this in both their private life and business life.

Giving feedback is a skill that can be learned. And as with all skills, it takes practice to be able to give good and appropriate feedback. So - whether you are training your feedback skills for the first time or have already attended such a course - everyone is welcome!





Prior knowledge


Technical Requirements

  • Stable Internet connection

  • Zoom 

  • Headphones and Microphone 

  • Webcam


Half day course: 4 hours

Agility is the ability to adapt to complex, unstable and changing environments. In doing so, it is essential to constantly learn from one's own experiences and to act in a future-oriented manner. This applies to both the team and the individual level. Transparent and trusting interaction is essential for communication in an Agile environment.

Communication forms the basis of human coexistence. It takes place both verbally and nonverbally, consciously and unconsciously. In this sense, there is no human interaction without communication.

Our training is about establishing a healthy feedback culture in the company. This creates transparency, mutual understanding and trust. The employees' motivation increases - because they can better identify with the company.

This interactive feedback training provides effective strategies, helpful methods and the necessary mindset to develop in an Agile environment within the team.

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  • What does "good" feedback consist of, and why is an effective feedback culture in the company important?

  • Feedback and Agility

  • Methods and Strategies: How can I give feedback effectively, what should I avoid?

  • What mindset is helpful and what is radical openness?

  • Application lab: Feedback on feedback - from participants/trainers

  • Transfer of insight to receiving feedback

At the end of this training, participants  

  • have a useful definition of feedback that helps propagate a feedback culture

  • will be able to explain why ‘feedback is the breakfast for champions’ and what's needed to make it a meal that's never missed

  • can apply an effective strategy for giving feedback and teach others how to do so

  • will be able to identify and implement the rules for effective feedback

  • can discover anti-patterns of giving feedback, differentiate helpful from less helpful wording/structure

  • received feedback on their feedback from other participants and/or trainer to deepen the learning experience

  • have transferred the knowledge to receiving feedback

The content is based on the most recent research on feedback culture.


Maren Müller

Senior Agile Coach and Consultant